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Cut Tari Hot Indonesian Celebrity Photo

Cut Tari, one of the Indonesia Artist FHM Model, is the most sexy mature women i ever seen. She is a Indonesian sexy artist and a television host too. She always take a sexy picture about herself. I called it "foto setengah telanjang" :d. Too bad that Cut Tari wasn't wearing a bikini swimsuit when the pictures was taken, nope I just kidding. She is sexy as the way she is.

Cut Tari Aminah Anasya, called ordinary of Cut Tari ( born in Jakarta, 1 November 1977; age 31 year) is a presenter and player of sinetron Indonesia. Dance to still has the Acheh blood from its parent. Dance to have profession as presenter and player sinetron in world of entertainment amusement fatherland. Cut Tari the Merried by Johannes is Yusuf Subrata is date of 9 January 2004.


Woman bleed the Acheh – This West Sumatra have carved the moment achievement still in bench SD. He become the champion of Musabaqoh Tilawatil Holy ( MTQ) mount the RW. He have time to learn the piano and organ, is but desisted midway. Stepping on 13 year, chummy woman addressed by this Ully become to fond of the mejeng of in front of camera. Since childhood he is true like made a picture. its Career journey in artist world of early from following election of Wrapper GIRL 1991. From situlah, he have opportunity to get the adolescent cosmetic product advertisement that is Youth in the year 1993. At the time he age have 16 year.

cut tari
Cut Tari Sexy Photo Celebrity Indonesian Hot

First time plunged to world of moment acting he is invited by Harry De Fretes as guest star in Fictitious sinetron comedy of Sky. Later;Then he get the bargain again come up in sinetron of World Side ( 1993), as ministrant role. Nowadays have many sinetron which is played the part of by, for example Journey, Jasmine, My Prayer is My Expectation, Blue Cafe, Goddess Fortuna Exalted and Rosalinda. Up to now, even confess saturated with the role antagonis which often playing the part of of in sinetron, Cut Tari remain to eksis star some sinetron and become the presenter in so many event.

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