Jumat, 15 Mei 2009

Luna Maya Sexy Indonesian Hot Photo

Luna Maya Sexy Indonesian Celebrity

Luna maya sexy, hot indonesian artist

Luna Maya Sexy Bikini Photos published on internet by unknown people cause splahy news in infotainment. There are five large size Luna Maya Bikini Photos, 1 pose Luna Maya with a dog, 1 pose Luna Maya play a swing, 1 pose Luna Maya with tight T-Shirt with her friends, 1 pose full body photos with sexy bikini, and the other one close up Luna Maya photos with her beautiful friend.
Some time then a magazines holds article that according to them do practice sells self. Luna Maya and Rebecca, also Julia Perez enter in blacklist. Face that sloping news, Luna Maya enough relax. he is even admit not want to demand to change to lost, even not angry. "I am not angry, only i'm been has many problems, " say Luna Maya.
Luna Maya at Ok magazine special edition 2 mentioned over and over sells her self by amount of money hopes that bad experience not repeateds again. he said, possible society opinion soes to deviate.

Luna Maya Bikini

Luna Maya tell at the wedding has been an series with Ariel 'Peterpan'. Luna did not want to explain himself merried the series by anyone.
"Nikah siri, If the grandmother-like series of new fathers," said Luna at Manchester United in the Cafe, Sarinah, Central Jakarta, on Tuesday (6/1/2009).
Luna explain himself when meeting people who loved and love, he will hold a formal wedding.
"I want to megang of marriage," he said with a forced smile.
However, Luna said to have been thought to marry. He still wanted to focus the work of artists.

Luna Maya Telanjang

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