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Farah Quinn Hot Photos - Sexy Indonesian Chef

Farah Quinn was born in Bandung, children from 2 to 3 brothers. Has experienced a range of experience in the culinary field, such as the United States appear in TV, appearing in international magazines, and even Laura Bush to serve.

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Farah Quinn teach you how to make delicious tasty food in 4 easy steps

It’s a recipe every restaurant and food chain knows. It’s an easy one too…
  1. Add salt and/or monosodium glutamate
  2. Add sugar — the white kind — cheap, plentiful and stores for ages
  3. Add fat — make the whole meal about 50% fat (50% of calories)
  4. Burn it. Finish to golden brown under the grill or roast to a golden crisp. This will caramelize sugars and intensify flavors.
And it’s not just the restaurants who know this amazing recipe for tasy food. If you regularly cook recipes from books or websites, you’ll find that the most popular ones have all the above four special ingredients.

Our taste buds absolutely LOVE the above recipe and you see it everywhere.

Unfortunately, all four ingredients are bad for your health. Life is cruel.

We love this stuff because our taste buds evolved to work in complete harmony with naturally available foods. In a natural setting, our taste buds work just fine. They don’t work so well in modern life.

Too much salt, sugar, fat (especially the wrong types) and carcinogens are a disaster over the long haul.

To be healthy day-in-day-out, you have to drop the above four ingredients. Slow cook meat with tomatoes and garlic to combat carcinogens. Don’t add in too much fat. Don’t add too much sugar or salt.

To do it day-in-day-out, you have to make your diet a no-brainer. It’s the most efficient way to get the best nutrition with a thinking time of about zero.

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